Swedish Signature Cakes

🇸🇪Princess Torte
The most famous Swedish cake. A layer cake consisting of layers of airy sponge cake, raspberry jam, vanilla cream, and a thick layer of whipped cream. The original cake is topped with green marzipan decorated with a marzipan rose.

Princess Torte


🇸🇪Budapest Cake (Gluten Free)
A classic Swedish gluten free cake that contains layers of hazelnut meringues, filled with fresh whipped cream, and sweet, juicy mandarines. Chocolate is drizzled on top and decorated with fluffy whipped cream, and colorful mandarines.

Budapest Cake


🇸🇪Chocolate Almond Cake (Gluten Free)
A gluten free almond cake covered with smooth chocolate.
Daim = crunchy caramel covered in milk chocolate

Chocolate Almond Cake


🇸🇪Cream Cake
A traditional cake with a base of light, airy, moist sponge cake. The cake is filled with smooth and fresh cream, covered with fluffy fresh whipped cream, and decorated with lovely sweet raspberries

Cream Cake



swedishdreamish - heavenly bundt cake

Lovely and elegant bundt cake with a gooey,  buttery caramel glaze. Aroma of spicy scent and mild pumpkin flavor makes itself obvious in every bite. Rich, creamy and delectable chocolate flavor.  Which one would you choose?

Large $28
12 inches (serves 16-18)
Medium $25
10 inches (serves 12-14)
Small $20
8 inches (serves 8-10)